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Digital Solutions

TechnoCIT, provides a digital solution for your business by offering expertise in website development service, app development, and solutions, corporate identity design, branding, marketing, and promotion aimed at getting the best return on investment.

Digital On-Boarding

TCIT is your digital onboarding guide. We help you every step of the way on a successful path to establishing your business. Our digital onboarding process gives you a first glimpse of what you can expect from us. Let's get started!

Find a Doctor and Clinic
Find doctors, clinics & other healthcare services in your country. Select a city to find all healthcare services near you in one place.
Supplier Registration, Complaint & Support modules
Every business needs an online supplier registration, complaint, and support system that provides multichannel capabilities, advanced reporting functionalities as well as a platform for cross-functional collaboration and immediate customer feedback system. We could help you with it!
Digital Marketing
It’s time to measure and analyze your current digital efforts to see what’s working and what’s not. How rightly are you connecting with users online and how can your business improve digitally? Connect with us and let us help you build upon what is working to create a strong digital foundation
Customer Due Diligence for Detailed Integrity
Compliance with the Customer Due Diligence for Detailed Integrity (CDD) is required by financial institutions and other clients to identify, verify the identity of, and mitigate funds that may be at risk of being used for illicit purposes. Automation makes understanding, reviewing, and adhering to the ever-changing requirements easy.
Robotic Process Automation
With TCIT one could successfully implement RPA. RPA requires a deep understanding of existing business processes and their suitability for automation. TCIT provides an RPA solution or platform which is best suited while building a sustainable foundation for the same. Understanding an organization’s long-term goals and ideating and implementing them is our motto.
Social media Marketing
Social media has become a thriving industry of its own. Businesses must join the social media revolution so that they can tap into the untargeted audience at the right time. We help you utilize social media to expand your reach and audience through customized strategies. Build your brand's image and credibility with TechnoCIT.
Contactless KYC
Contactless KYC service allows our clients to complete their basic KYC profile via a simple contactless swipe of their mobile device, enabling them to immediately make payments and enjoy a host of other services with TCIT
Digital Identity Management
TCIT provides identity management solutions that define privacy, security, and access policies for the mobile enterprise.
Internet Of Things
Accelerate Your Responsiveness to New Insights and Monetise Data from Connected Devices. Discover How HPE Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Offer New Ways to Drive Efficiencies. Converged OT. 5G Solutions. Data Insights.
Search Engine Marketing
Search engine marketing is becoming a highly demanding field, and it's hard to decide which company to go with. TCIT has proven to be among the most successful in the industry at generating leads and sales for our partners' websites.
Dynamic PDF using AEM Forms
TCIT uses an application that is a dynamic pdf built-in Adobe® Acrobat® Builder. It utilizes Adobe® FormsCentral and the AEM Forms platform to allow users to fill out and submit forms that are automatically saved and attached to an Adobe® Acrobat® document. This PDF is created quickly and easily in Adobe® Acrobat® Professional.